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What is Swagbucks?

In SwagBucks you earn points for completing various tasks such as surveys, offers, searches, games, purchases ... The points you earn are called "SB" and those points can then be redeemed for various gifts such as vouchers for Amazon, Steam, G2A or money in PayPal starting at $5.

How do you earn points in SwagBucks?


The first thing we have to do is confirm our email once we fill in the registration form. Once inside our account it will be time to start adding points.

Buy: The stores associated with SwagBucks appear here, if you buy through this section you earn points.

Answer: In this section we will find the surveys. Within this section we have our own SwagBucks surveys and external panel surveys.

Discover: These are special offers.

Search: Earn points for searching. If you set Swagbucks as your usual search engine, you earn more points.

Play: You earn points for playing the games that you recommend.

Referrals: You earn 10% of what your references generate. You also get 300 points when a reference accumulates 300 points. That is, when a reference makes its first 300 points, both you and he will give 300 additional points to each one, to receive this bonus of 300 points you must accumulate 300 points within 30 days from the day of registration.
(Remember to register through the link at the top of this article to receive those 300 Points)

Accepting Countries:

SwagBucks is available in all countries

To charge by PayPal you have to meet some conditions:

The email with which you registered in Swagbucks and PayPal must be the same.
Your first and last name must be exactly the same as the information in your PayPal account.
The PayPal account must be verified.



If you find a problem with an item or have any questions, you can contact us by:


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