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What is Prize Rebel?

PrizeRebel A page of surveys and paid tasks, managed by a company located in Nevada (USA), PrizeRebel has been paying since 2007.

Ways to Make Money in Prize Rebel

Surveys: They usually put several daily surveys. There are several survey panels: Tap Research, YourSurveys, Peanut Labs, SaySo Rewards ...

Offers and tasks: In addition to surveys you can also earn money by completing offers and doing tasks.

Points: In PrizeRebel 100 points equals $ 1.

Referrals: In PrizeRebel you earn 15% of what the people you invited earn. That is, if you invite someone through your referral link and that person does a 100-point survey they will give you another 15 completely free.

Minimum payment: You can request a payment from 500 points ($ 5). Although the first time you have to reach 1,000 points ($ 10) to be able to charge. From the second time you can already charge from $ 5.

Payment mode: PayPal, Amazon and giftcards.

Countries you accept: PrizeRebel accepts people from most countries.

Tip: I recommend you visit PrizeRebel's Facebook often because they usually put coupons and promotional codes that give points.

Observations: If you complete the profile they give you 10 points ($ 0.10).

PrizeRebel Levels

Upon registering with PrizeRebel we begin at the Bronze level. It is the lowest level. As soon as we reach the first thousand points, we go up to the Silver level and we will earn 20% for those referred instead of 15%. Besides being Silver you can charge from $ 5 per paypal (if you are Bronze you can only charge when you reach $ 10).

The next level is Gold and 4,500 points are needed. And the advantages are: You earn 25% for referrals, you are entitled to automatic payments, you get a special bonus of 1% based on the surveys and offers you have completed during the month and a 1% discount on the requested prizes ( except paypal).

Then there are the Platinum and Diamond levels with special bonuses and prize discounts. I leave a table for you to see the different levels that Prize Rebel has.



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