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What is and what does it offer?

Let me reveal right away that Freecash is a legitimate Get-Paid-To (GPT) site that will actually pay you for taking surveys and completing offers.

Freecash offers many ways you can earn rewards, you can withdraw your money via cryptocurrency and Paypal.

Ways to earn money on FreeCash

1) Paid Offers

One of the best ways to earn with Freecash is their paid offers. You can find these offers in the offers wall section.


These paid offers will typically ask you to take a survey or quiz, play a mobile game, download a mobile app, sign up for a site, and much more.

Each paid offer you will find on the Freecash offer walls will tell you how many coins you will earn. Therefore, you can easily prioritize which offer to make. When you click on an offer, it will show you the instructions or steps you need to take to complete the offer.

So be sure to take note of the instructions provided. If you skip a step, you will not be able to complete the offer.

The good thing is that most of their offer walls have decent rewards. Therefore, you will be able to earn a decent amount by completing these paid offers.

In fact, I have compared the rewards they give out to some of the other best paying GPT sites out there, and in most cases, Freecash pays quite a bit more for the exact same offers.

Also, they sometimes have bonuses where, for example, you will get a 50% bonus on all offers you accept on a certain offer wall for a limited time. This is definitely worth keeping an eye on as it can really increase your earnings.

Also, Freecash offers something that I haven't seen on other GPT sites. At the top of the dashboard, they have a section called Featured Deals.

This is a section that shows the highest paid tasks performed by other Freecash users in your country.

This makes it much easier to find the offers and surveys that you are most likely to complete and earn from. So this is a little extra touch, in my opinion.

2) Paid Surveys

Another way to earn with Freecash is by taking their paid surveys. And just like your paid offers, paid surveys will come from other platforms.

Their paid surveys work well and are a lot like offer walls in a way. The only difference is that instead of paid offers, you will be given access to different surveys.

When you take a survey, you will first need to create your profile. This is to determine which surveys will be sent to you.

Once you have finished answering the questions in your profile, you will see the surveys available to you. Each survey will tell you the estimated time it takes to complete it, as well as the reward you will get for completing it. So if you are short on time, you can simply choose the surveys that will not take you much time to complete.

When you click on a survey, you will first have to answer a series of qualifying questions. This is to determine if you belong to the demographic that the survey is intended for. If you qualify, you can take the actual survey.

However, if you don't qualify, simply skip to the next available survey.

One good thing about how their surveys work is that the more surveys you complete, the more higher paying surveys you will be offered. Therefore, it will be more beneficial to answer as many surveys as possible.

In general, the surveys on pay quite well for your time compared to many other sites.

As with all other GPT and survey sites, you just have to remember that you will not qualify for all surveys. That's very normal, so don't be discouraged if there are some surveys you don't qualify for.

Just keep going and then you will find the available ones and then they usually give pretty good rewards.

3) Ranking Contests

Freecash offers a great way to earn extra money if you are active on the site.

It has daily and monthly ranking contests. At the time of updating the review, they give away free coins to the top 250 people on the leaderboards.

This is definitely something to keep in mind as you can earn some really nice extra money by staying active and getting a share of these prizes.

 4) Ranking Contests

Streak rewards and daily bonus ladder
Freecash has a rewards section where you can get free coins just by clicking a button.

As long as you stay active ion the site, you can click this once per day and get some free coins like that.

The more days in a row you do this, the higher a reward you will get.

You can either just claim the free coins every day, or you can choose to get a chance to win even more by using the daily bonus ladder.

You can also risk not getting the points by using this, but if you are lucky, you can also double your free points and after enough days in a row you even get the chance to win more than $5 just by clicking a button like this.

So this is definitely a section worth remembering to check out as it only takes a few seconds.

 5) Freecash promo codes

You can regularly find Free Cash promo codes and get some extra easy free points like this. They usually publish these on their social media channels several times every week.

They will not give you a lot of points, but you just need to put the promo code in the bonus code field in the reward section, so it will only take a few seconds.

You just need to be aware that these codes can usually only be used by a limited number of people, so you need to be fast to get the points.

Freecash publishes different codes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so it can be worth keeping an eye on all three channels for a chance to get these free points.

How do you get paid?

Every time you complete a paid offer or survey, you will earn a certain number of coins which will be credited to your Freecash account balance. You can then convert the coins to different types of rewards.

I have been paid by it myself many times so I know it is legit and that it will pay you.

Freecash offers several reward options. You can either convert your coins to cash via PayPal, or you can convert them to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum.

You can withdraw your cryptocurrency to a wallet of your choice like, for example, Binance as I prefer myself, but if you withdraw to Coinbase, the fees will be lower than for other wallets.

You also have the option to convert your coins to Amazon gift cards or other gift cards.

For PayPal and Bitcoin withdrawals and gift cards, you will need to earn at least 5,000 coins, which will be worth $5. As for converting your coins to Ethereum, Dogecoin or Litecoin, you will only need to earn $0.50.

So basically, you can cashout through Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum anytime you want. Also, there is no fee at all for Coinbase withdrawals as mentioned above. You just need to earn $0.50 through offers to make your first withdrawal.

Overall, I do like how they structure their payment system. I especially like the fact that you have the option to withdraw your earnings via PayPal and cryptocurrencies also because it is a convenient way to get your earnings.

And they also offer instant withdrawals for many of their rewards so once you claim your rewards, you will get them immediately.

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