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The Auto-Faucets are pages in which we can earn Cryptocurrencies as in the Faucets, these pages collect coins automatically every so often, without the need for us to intervene, just enter the address of your wallet associated with FaucetHub and Solve a one-time Captcha.



Solve the Captcha 




We wait for the indicated seconds to pass



We click on Get Link


Ready, now you will start to claim automatically the indicated amount of coins and we will receive the payments in our account of FaucetHub

The Auto-Faucets pay much less per claim than the conventional Faucets, because the goal of these Faucets is to raise the level in FaucetHub to obtain the following benefits:


FaucetHub Benefits:


-It allows to increase our maximum bet in the games of bets, it is calculated based on the level multiplied by 10, that is if our level is 15 we can bet a maximum of 150 Satoshis.

-It increases the profits of referrals by 0.1% for each 10 levels we have (This only applies to offers and mining of FaucetHub)

-It increases our mining profits by 0.07% for each level, up to level 100.


Benefits Chat FaucetHub:


-Modify your Nickname in the chat every 11 levels. Examples:



- Be more Cool !: This helps to improve our reputation with users, a user will have more confidence and enter the links with more frequency of users with the highest level.


IMPORTANT: Excessive or abusive use of these Faucets can freeze your account, since FaucetHub considers it a suspicious activity to receive a massive amount of claims. Try to use them for a few hours, but not for 24 hours straight.


It is recommended to use this type of Faucets 1 x 1 ►Use 1 Hour and stop 1 Hour



If you find a problem with an item or have any questions, you can contact us by:


 Mail: [email protected]

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