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What is TimeBucks?

TimeBucks is a fun and original page that pays you for doing various tasks such as making selfies, watching videos, doing surveys, playing games, mining cryptocurrencies and many other things. There is a section even where they pay to take pictures and show how your beard grows day by day.

Ways to earn money in TimeBucks

TimeBucks has several ways to earn money:

  • Surveys: There are several options to earn money with surveys. In "Daily Poll" for example you get a question a day. The answer is usually yes or no and you are paid $ 0.01 for answering. In "Pollfish" they usually pay between $ 0.05 and $ 0.50 for surveys. In "Premium" are more personal surveys. First you have to create your profile and they will give you the surveys that fit your profile.
  • Miscellaneous tasks: They are unique tasks and they pay you for installing the extension for Chrome (you earn $ 0.12), verify the identity (you earn $ 0.20), make a promotional video (you get paid $ 3) etc.
  • Watch videos: In this section you earn money by watching the videos they recommend.
  • Take photos: This is something new on this page. We will find two sections. In the first you will be paid $ 0.01 for taking a picture (selfie) every day. In the second section you will be paid for letting your beard grow. The first photo has to be freshly shaved. And then you are taking daily pictures as the beard grows. Here you earn $ 0.03 for each daily photo.
  • See content: They are offers that expire in 24 hours. You have to enter the website of the offer and fill in first a captcha. Then there are the typical rankings such as "The 12 richest people in the world." You have to go through the photo one by one until you reach number 10. Here you earn $ 0.005 for each task. There are usually several each day.
  • Games: They are simple games and you have to reach the level they ask you to earn money.
  • Mining: Here we will win by using the power of our computer to mine bitcoins. It is not necessary to install anything, you just have to leave the tab open.

Accepting Countries:

TimeBucks is available in all countries.


TimeBucks has five levels of referrals. That is, you earn money for the people you invite through your recommendation link and we will also win for the people invited by our referrals. Thus forming a network of referrals of 5 levels.

How much is earned for each referral in TimeBucks? We will earn 5% of the profits they make. That is, if one of your referrals makes a video promoting TimeBucks and earns $ 5, we will earn $ 0.25. This does not affect at all the profits of the people you have invited. It's a reward for you, for recommending Timebucks.


Payments from $ 10 by Paypal



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Donations to Wallet:

Coin Wallet Minimum Deposit
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